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    Human resource is the core value and solid foundation for T&C Consulting to constantly create new values. T&C Consulting brings together a team of qualified professionals with extensive knowledge, advanced training from developed countries, experiences with management practices in Vietnam and with the process of skill training in a scientific and dedicated way, aiming towards the quality of international consulting services.

    Besides, T&C Consulting has a network of national and international collaborating consultants to implement programs and projects. With such a dynamic organization model, T&C Consulting can attract many talents to suitable positions.

    The commitment to quality is ensured through the consultant selecting process with the following occupational hierarchy:

    1. Partner:

    • Post graduate, proficient at building a development strategy for a consulting field
    • Expert at 5 or more fields. A competent team leader for international projects
    • Minimum 20 years of experience


    2. Management Consultant

    • Post graduate, proficient at designing on new consulting projects/ products
    • Expert at 5 or more fields. A competent team leader for projects of various organizational types
    • Minimum 15 years of experience


    3. Senior Consultant

    • Post graduate, competent in researching on a new field
    • Expert at at least 4 fields
    • Minimum 7 years of experience


    4. Consultant

    • University-graduate, with deep expertise in a field
    • Expert at at least 2
    • Minimum 5 years of experience


    5. Business Analyst

    • University-graduate, specializing in a field
    • 2 years of experience

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